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new PV has updated!

Thanks for supporting us always!
I'd like to introduce you our PV which has just updated.

Sorry, this is Japanese but I'm sure that you will see what we do so far.

Director: Kumi Naruse
Film editor: Munechika Ishibashi
Animation: Takafumi Tsuchiya
Camera: Noriaki Saito, Team Konohana
Music: Takeharu Ishizuka


Comment from participants after we came back from Fukushima


As a British person, with no prior experience of Kamishibai, 
I was pleasantly astonished by the spell this unique storytelling form cast over the children who witnessed it. 


Not only did the stories that had been chosen show them ways of overcoming difficulties, 
the theatrical experience itself provided its audience with a supportive and exciting environment in which to express themselves. 


The performances I was involved in also had an international dimension, with performances from myself, an American, and a Frenchman - which I felt was a great way of reminding Japan that the world continues to support it 

------His name is Alex Watson and he joined our activity in Feb,2012.
He performed British English Kamishibai to children in Iwaki city and they really loved it!
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