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Who we are

Start of Konohana-soshi

Konohana-soshi originally started as a volunteer group when we began to provide kamishibai performances alongside other activities such as news reports and visits to the areas affected by the March 11, 2011 disaster. We developed and conducted the activities as spin-offs of Omusubi Networks, which also had an information support website, at that time. We volunteered to perform kamishibai in affected areas, centered in Fukushima which has been particularly hard hit by  malicious rumors.

Konohana-soshi has also tried to provide timely information whether it is from the actual field or from other internal sources about the affected areas through this project.

The participant body of the activities consists of announcers, artists, therapists, scholars, entrepreneurs, students - each with their own different background. Konohana-soshi also carries out some collaboration projects with professional artists in various fields at times.

The purpose of Konohana-soshi is to let children to be the central players of kamishibai so that they can grow and bloom like they should be able to. Our purpose is to be the water that allows the blossoms of smiles and laughter to come to flower. 

<Places Visited in 2011>

Minamisom-shi, Koriyama-shi, Iwaki-shi, Aizu-wakamatsu-shi, Inawashiro (all in Fukushima)


Kumi Naruse, Founder

CEO of Eternel Beaute Inc., Freelance Announcer

Graduated from Toyo Eiwa University, she has been working to support enrichment education projects and engaged in reach on babies as well as media activities. She is also involved with NPO/NGOs and working to help the wider community through kamishibai and picture book readings both in Japan and abroad.

She writes original scripts in kamishibai production.

Twitter: @kuminaruse  http://www.eternelbeaute.jp/


Takashi Tsuchiya, Original Kamishibai Production

Contemporary Artist

After graduating from Graduation School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in oil painting, he worked as an education research assistant at the university for 3 years. In 2010, he was invited to Art Festival of Japanese Lacquer in Aizu as an artist-in-residence and accomplished the program of art, indigenous industries and interaction with locals. He has been presenting his work, mainly paintings, in Japan and overseas based in Wada Fine Arts. He is also a member of BLUE FOR TOHOKU, an organization devoted to disaster relief efforts.

BLUE FOR TOHOKU       http://www.bluefortohoku.jp

Twitter: @t_takafumi http://periodic-garden.net/takafumi_tsuchiya/


Yukiko Misago


Centered in sound therapy, she provides lecture sessions about beauty and comfort such as various body work and a dress therapy. Through the medium of most suitable therapies, she assists people to find and bring out their beauty for their better and healthier lives.

Twitter: @yukilala

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