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What we do

The Kamishibai project was first started as way to provide children with enjoyment, humor and exercise. A performance consists of communicative, non-serial, general-original stories. We often create a play time with children after our performance as we place importance on interactive communications with them.

Kamishibai in Use
1:We use Kamishibai from Doshinsha Publishing Co., Ltd., which is one of the long-established kamishibai publishers. (Communicative (for 2-year-old or above), masterpiece, juvenile, large-scale kamishibai's)

  Kamishibai01.jpg Kamishibai02.jpg Kamishibai03.jpg
   "Grow, Grow, Grow, Bigger!"     "Everybody Clap!"                        "Shiro, the Kitty"

   Script/Picture: Noriko Matsui     Script/Picture: Noriko Matsui   Script: Seiji Horio / Picture: Shizuko Wakayama

2:Original Kamishibai "Otonome (Bud of Sound)"

   Children act as the characters that appear in the kamishibai, and story develops.

  Kamishibai04.jpg Kamishibai05.jpg Kamishibai06.jpg
   "Otonome"   Original Piece: Yuko Tsuchiya / Script: Kumi Naruse / Picture: Takashi Tsuchiya

Performance Time

About 30 - 40 minutes

Collaboration Projects

A special program is set up when conducting a collaboration project.

Especially Fukushima

In addition to the earthquakes and tsunami, Fukushima is affected by the ongoing nuclear crisis and the accompanying radiation fears, with conditions changing each and every second.

The most important thing is to restore the environment where people can live with a sense of security.

While responses to the issues vary depending on the person, whether or not one should relocate, radiation exposure, decontamination and financial problems are always brought up in the center of discussions. Konohana-soshi has visited temporary nurseries, preschools, orphanages and other facilities to provide kamishibai performances, hoping to give children some time to enjoy themselves even amidst the multiple of unresolved issues.

There were a number of facilities which had almost nobody visiting from outside the region. The following are parts of gratitude letters received from the facilities we visited.


"Thank you very much for performing kamishibai you created and for playing with our kids. The way they looked at your performance with shining eyes was impressive and I still remember that vividly. I also very much appreciated that you provided them with a chance to play and use up some of their pent-up energy. Many of their parents may have been tired, trying to make a living, and do not have much time to play with them, the play time you provided was quite meaningful. They seemed to be happy and content, showing big smiles which I have not seen for a while."

"Thank you for coming to provide much fun for children here despite of our sudden request. We appreciate it from the bottom of our heart. Seeing the smiles of the children today, it helps give us the motivation to keep moving forward."

"I have not seen such frank responses of children in a long time! One of the girls gave me a letter which says "xxx's mom, thank you for inviting <3 It was fun!" I guess with less events happening now, they enjoyed this one all the more."

"My kids watched the entire performance with a twinkle in their eyes...Whereas I was moved to tears. Thank you very much for your mental support! Thank you also for their smiles!"

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